A Deep Breath, and here we go again, just in time for winter!


Kestrel tries to digging to China if she has to just to find some grub!

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while, and I’m back! This summer My husband, Carl, and I moved into a shared house (an unofficial duplex) with a yard and we adopted some chickens that the previous tenant couldn’t take along. Who knew when I started this blog I’d try out urban micro-farming less than five miles from Seattle’s concrete core? I guess that’s half the excitement of an odyssey!

Since there’s no way for me to say this isn’t a step in the right direction, I think it’s time to go back to writing about it. Anything related to farming + writing! Why wouldn’t I?

I’ll be back soon with some before and after photos of our garden (we’re trying out deep mulch, and we already love it), a full tour of the yard, and introductions to my chickens. In the meantime, here are a couple more teaser photos. Enjoy!


Carl and a wood chip truck

Carl and the wood chip truck

Sunrise and Cinder

Sunrise in the background and cinder up front.

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“Homeward Bound” A Book Review

I just finished Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity by Emily Matchar. As suggested by the title, the Book discusses why women are thronging back to the hearth in an age when the glass ceiling has been at least cracked, if not shattered by our mothers.

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Letter to a Land Owner Try Two

Last February, upon discovering that 1) There wasn’t a community garden in my new apartment complex (or room for one) and 2) about 500 yards down the road is an 18-acre late 1800s farm, I wrote a letter to the land owner.

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The Soappy Road

I’ve going down a road of making my own soap. It started with a bar of “shaving” soap at a farmer’s market almost five years ago. My husband said, “I’ve always wanted to try shaving with soap,” and he hasn’t shaved with shaving cream more than a handful of times since.

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Soap Bubbles (What to name a soap company: part 2)

The blog took a summer vacation since I wrote part one. I couldn’t even remember what I called it, so the title of this follow-up post is completely unrelated (oh well). Here are some things I’ve learned about soap and selling on Etsy since part 1: Continue reading

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A change in Perspective

I’ve been thinking about what I want in a farm and how to get it with sweat instead of dollars. It’s led to the subject I wish to discuss today. Do I want to “go back” to my grandparents’ days (or before) to have their “simple” life? Continue reading

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What to name a soap company, Part one


I’ve decided to start a soap making business! As part of my business planning, which I may or may not talk about later, I’m doing some brainstorming.  Below is a list of words I’ve come up with to help generate ideas. This is about ideas, and I probably won’t pick a name that is exactly what someone else suggests, but flowing ideas sure help!


Word List

Word List


What other words do you come up with? Give me some combinations you like (or dislike, so long as you say why).  Feel free to incorporate my name in your ideas (Laura).

In case you need further inspiration, here’s a picture of my most recent soap batch. (Nope, not that exciting… YET!)


White 100% coconut soap waiting to be un-molded.

White 100% coconut soap waiting to be un-molded.

ps, yes. I stole my husband’s targets for idea writing, but they’ll still work later when he wants to make holes in my ideas 🙂


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“Food Matters” and the “Word of Wisdom”

I was looking for something to watch on Netflix today, and decided to try “Food Matters.” I say try because I had little confidence in its validity, right up to the end.  It’s about nutrition and the idea that nutrition (and vitamins) can cure cancer and all other diseases by giving our bodies, which are the ultimate self-healing machines, the building materials they need to be effective.

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Book Review: “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”

I read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver at my mother-in-law’s suggestion. It took about six months to get through it, but not because it was a bad book, just because I started it in the middle of summer busy season and moved. Once I sat down with a block of time, it was over before I knew it, leaving me a little sad. Continue reading

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Film Review: “Temple Grandin”

I recently “found” Temple Grandin via this TED video Facebook, and was very fascinated by it.  Temple talks about how she is autistic, and she thinks in pictures. This ability has helped her to show people how animals think. Most people think in words once they learn to speak, but animals continue to think in pictures, sounds, and smells into adulthood.

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